8 reasons to Make Mercans Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Make sure your employees are always paid accurately and on time with real-time access to your global payroll data. Mercans’ cutting-edge HR Blizz payroll suite is intuitive and transparent: save time, and let technology do the hard work.

Mercans’ Business Intelligence and HRIS integration tools tie all of your systems into a single harmonious platform.

Why you should make Mercans your global outsourcing partner:

  • Mercans has the best timeliness and accuracy record in the industry
  • Your specific needs are met because our services are easily scalable, changing circumstances included
  • We develop and streamline payroll software to your specific requirements
  • Your data is safe: Mercans is ISO 9001-certified and uses world-class security technology
  • You always have full control of all costs: Our fees are transparent, there are no hidden costs
  • You get a money-back guarantee on all our services. Your satisfaction matters to us
  • Mercans can deal with any size company and will fine-tune its solutions for you until all your needs are met
  • We successfully process more than a million payroll transactions every year

Peace of mind – guaranteed. Get in touch now for more information or a quote!

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  • Your legacy data is transferred and integrated seamlessly with other systems, including time and attendance, general ledger, treasury, electronic banking, global HRMS, and more.
  • You have real-time secure access to your employee data, payroll calculation and reports.
  • You get consolidated payroll and HR data across systems, countries and locations.
  • You can edit and change payroll using very flexible methods.
  • You can track employee leave, end-of-service balance, and financial accruals.
  • You can generate payment instruction files that comply with the Wages Protection System (WPS) requirements.
  • You always comply with local rules, and that you have access to local payroll and compliance specialists.
  • You have access to our web-based employee and manager self-service system from anywhere in the world 24/7.
  • You get a mobile app with on-the-go access to employee data and payslips.
  • You get direct deposit services, which means you don’t have to deal with bank transfers to your employees.
  • You have real-time and dynamic reporting tools at your service that you can have integrated into MS Office.
  • You get a web-based employee expenses management tool.
  • You get time and attendance as well as access control systems with full payroll integration.
  • And you profit from our employee contact center and its services.
Tatjana Domovits
Director of Operations

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