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Make your business thrive and concentrate on the essentials and let Mercans’ business process outsourcing services minimize your administrative and overhead costs. Fully outsource your back-office functions to a team of HR, accounting, immigration, and administration specialists.

Our BPO team will take care of it all while you have the time and freedom you need to nurture your business.

The advice you get is pragmatic and practical. You profit from our long experience with solving a wide variety of problems and issues facing companies both operating in the area, or those about to enter it.

Your business operations will be set up quickly and without any hassle. With us, you have the time to focus on your core priorities, you reduce overheads, and keep the risks of hiring locally in check.

Focus on growing your business – you can rely on us for reliable business process outsourcing/BPO.

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  • How and where to set up your office
  • Where to find qualified employees
  • How to employ staff and run your payroll
  • How to optimize taxes and stay legally compliant
  • How and where to get the licenses you need
  • Obtaining visas and residency permits for your staff
  • Finding office space to suit your specific needs
  • Opening bank accounts and set up the needed utilities
  • Relocating expatriate employees
  • Government relations / PRO
  • Accounting & Finance
  • HR & Payroll
  • Employee Outsourcing
  • Business setup
  • Business process outsourcing / BPO
  • Secretarial and administrative services
  • Transportation & Logistics
Tatjana Domovits
Director of Operations

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